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Seyedreza Hosseini was born in Amol, a small beautiful city in north of Iran, in 1988. He received his B.Eng and M.Eng in electrical engineering/ RF, microwave and antenna engineering from Tehran Polytechnic University (AUT), Tehran, Iran, , respectively, in 2010 and 2012. His main research interests were microwave and millimeter wave circuits, antenna design, wave propagation and computational electromagnetics during his bachelor and master studies.

In March 2014, Reza joined IPD at Technische Universität Dresden to pursue his academic carrier as a research assistance and PhD student. Currently, he is working on design, optimization and realization of integrated photonic devices.



Publications before joining IPD lab:


C1:Payman Pahlavan, Milad Sharifi Sorkherizi, Alireza Tadjalli and Seyyed Reza Hosseini “Frequency Scanning in the Uniform Leaky-Wave Antenna Based on Nonradiative Dielectric (NRD) Waveguide” 19th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering, ICEE2011


C2: Seyyed Reza Hosseini, Reza Sarraf Shirazi, A. Kiaee, P. Pahlavan, and M. Shari Sorkherizi “UHF propagation prediction in smooth homogenous earth using split-step Fourier algorithm “Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium Proceedings, KL, MALAYSIA, March 27-30, 2012


C3: S. R. Hosseini, R. SarrafShirazi, and Gh. Moradi "A Novel Defected Microstip Structure (DMS) for Microstrip Gaps" PIERS Proceedings, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA, March 27-30, 2012


C4: A. Kiaee, R. Sarraf Shirazi, and S. R. Hosseini " Frequency Sensitivity of Lossless Planar Devices by FEM 'Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium Proceedings, KL, MALAYSIA, March 27-30, 2012


C5: S. R. Hosseini R. SarrafShirazi and Gh. Moradi "A novel defecect microstrip structure (DMS) coupled line band pass filter in C band" Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium, Moscow 2012